Monday 15 September 2014

Schedule Ducts based on their gauge values.

This is a tip to bring Metal gauge values in duct schedules. My poject team asked me to find a way to bring Duct's metal gauge values in schedules. The team wants to fix the Gauge values based on the MAXIMUM SIZE OF THE DUCT. So I have to find the Maximum size of the duct.
To find the Maximum Size of the Duct, I created a simple calculated value using if statements .
The steps are given below.
1.Create a duct schedule and add the fields, Width & height.
2. Create a Calculated value with the name Max.Size and the formula as

 if(Width > Height, Width, Height)
    After finding the Max.Size of the duct we need to add another calculated valuewith the name "Gauge Value"  to insert the gauge values in the schedules and keep it as a text parameter.
    Now we have to create a nested if conditional statement to bring the gauge values.
    if(Max.size < 751 mm, "Gauge 24", if(and(Max.size < 1501 mm, Max.size > 750 mm), "gauge 22", if(and(Max.size < 2251 mm, Max.size > 1500 mm), "gauge 20", if(and(Max.size < 3001 mm, Max.size > 2250 mm), "Gauge 18", "NA"))))

    Solution Found.!!.

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