Monday 27 October 2014

Cable Tray does run along a Wall !!!


I woud like to post something which most of the electrical engineers  wish to have in REVIT MEP.
As a BIM coordinator I was always been asked by the Engineers to  run cable tays along the wall. Accidently we found a work around to get this done. I Don't say this is a BIM way of working but this is surely going to be useful.
1. Draw a cable tray with riser as shown.
2. Copy the riser and rotate it to 90 Degrees.
(Many of us would have tried to rotate the horizontal cable tray)

3. Now bring cable tray elbow fittings from the ribbon and place it at the ends of the rotated cable tray.

4. Select the elbow fitting, drag and connect it to the riser cable tray.

5. Tada. Vertical cable tray is created.

6. Remember: whenever you want to adjust the cable tray length select the fitting and extend it.

7. Never drag the cable tray. it would change the rotated cable tray back to horizontal.


8. Added advantages: You can add Fittings in the tray and can change the size of the tray.




  1. Feels awesome, but cable tray cant be rotated vertically, it won't accept as i too have tried the same many times during my projects.

  2. It does work, but you need to be in the correct section view. We do it, as described above all the time.

    1. It does'nt work when Now bring cable tray elbow fittings from the ribbon and place it at the ends of the rotated cable tray : impossible to get cable tray elbow fittings for rotate it at 90°.

  3. awesome,

  4. Thanks for your post. I found it very helpful.

  5. Winstong Arasu,

    Thank you for posting. Great work around!

    A.L. CAD

  6. Very very helpful thanks :)

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