Saturday 30 August 2014

Duct Elbow Fitting with Fixed Inner radius.


I would like to share a tip ad hope this would be helpful for someone in the projects. One of my project required to maintain the inner radius of the duct elbow at 150mm regardless of the size. A small trick in the formula helped me to acheived it.

When I edited the family to modify to meet the project requirement, I found that the radius of the Elbow fitting is derived by the "Center Radius" of the Fitting. The "Center Radius" of the Fitting is then derived by the Radius Multiplier

Image showing the default parameters of Duct Fitting
I removed the parameter "Radius Multiplier" and added a new parameter in the name "Inner Radius". Then Changed the formula for Center Radius  as "Inner Radius + Duct Width/2".
Modified Parameter to maintain the Inner Radius.
 This solved my problem and now I'm able to control the Inner Radius of the Elbow.


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